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How to wear your Square

Lots of people have been asking me how they should wear their YeahSquare, so I thought it was time I made a short styling tutorial...

1. Classic Wrap

This is one of my favourites. It displays both The Carnaby and The National's punchy palette so well and looks great styled with a classic white shirt, jeans and heels.

Gather opposite corners of your square to form a triangle. Place around your neck/shoulders. Take one corner and wrap around your neck once, whichever way you are comfortable with and whichever side you'd like the knot to sit, either way looks good. Make a loop with one end, weave the other end up through the loop and bring the other under the fabric then tie a knot to hold together. Adjust so that the point of the triangle is facing down on your chest (rather like a bib) and that the knot sits either to the left or right of your shoulders.

2. Tie Knot

A simple, feminine twist on the classic tie design.

Turn your square into a triangle and fold up from the corner tip to form a straight scarf. Twist each length together twice and then push the twist up and under the collar of the scarf. Push one end through the top part of the twist and pull through. Repeat on the other side. Voila!

3. Halterneck

Showing just how versatile a silk square scarf can be, this beautiful halterneck top can be paired with just about anything.

Make your square a triangle. Take the two ends at the point of the triangle, tie the ends around once and pull through. As you pull, the scarf forms a panel. Place this in front of your body and tie the two ends around your neck then repeat using the two ends at the bottom of the panel.

NB: the dressmakers dummy shown here is a size 8 frame and our scarves are 86cm x 86cm. I'm a size 8-10 on top and it does fit but it's rather snug across the lower back and please excuse my bag lady hair - I have been to the hairdressers since, you'll be pleased to know!

4. Fleur

Our hand-rolled hems look so beautiful forming a flower shape with this twist on the Classic Wrap.

Make your square a triangle. Hold one end of the triangle (either left or right) and then concertina in from the corner point of the triangle to the end. Hold the fabric in one hand and it will automatically form a flower shape. Tie a band around this to secure and then place the scarf around your neck. Decide which side you want the flower to sit and then tug the remaining corner of the scarf under and up through the band. Pull it down and adjust until you're happy with the fit and style.

5. Necklace

So simple and pretty. It looks gorgeous with a bandeau top, jeans and heels.

Turn your square into a triangle and fold up from the corner tip to form a straight scarf. Take one end and cross over the other to form a loose knot then simply take either end and tie around the back of your neck to form a necklace. Pull slightly at the fabric until you're happy with the look.

I hope you found this tutorial useful? Any feedback in the comments box would be fantastic!

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